An Introduction to Turning Factor from Kathryn Horton, CEO

Turning Factor is a strategic learning and development company delivering high quality services both nationally and internationally. With a specialism in bespoke training programmes and organisational change, Turning Factor is committed to helping develop people and develop business, so both can reach their full potential.

Turning Factor has been recognised as a provider at the forefront of the Training and Development Industry. We work and collaborate with innovators, business experts and key organisations to develop cutting edge Learning & Development solutions and design innovative business relevant programmes. 

Our expert tutors have solid practical business backgrounds that allow them to advise and train our clients in a wide range of disciplines and industries, developing people and developing business to the highest of standards.

Turning Factor are active members of the Cambridge Network, a successful membership organisation that allows companies in this vibrant high-technology cluster to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

We have four videos for you to watch through the Digital Academy

  • Culture & Values
  • Delegation
  • Coaching
  • Motivation